Frantic Fridays

After running like a maniac I finally made it on the train at 3:20pm. I left 20 minutes after I was supposed to leave. And, as you know, on a Friday, every minute counts…

I had sat in the meeting like a cool cucumber ‘casually’ checking my phone: 3:03 3:05 3:09. Okay that’s it. I hate to do it but I collect my things and mouth to my boss – I got to run! I slip out of the meeting, run to my desk and do a final check in my email. Sh*t. Director just asked for something. I quickly get to it. It’s not my best work but I got to go so I copy my manager and ship it off as is. My manager sees my last email and responds: Thanks! Now go home! She knows about my Sabbath. Meanwhile the texts and calls start coming from Zvi asking if I’ve left yet. I finally pick up the phone and promise – I’m leaving in a minute! I grab my stuff and skedaddle.

I dash to the subway. Literally run, in my winter coat and hat and with uneaten lunch flying out of the bag but I don’t care, my Sabbath is calling.

Luckily, the subway is at the platform, but doors are about to close. I shove myself in. I find myself sitting down next to two chassidic teens. They’re praying fervently. Good, I think to myself, pray that there shall be no delays.

Zvi picks me up from the station, it’s 3:45. We drive home. Traffic is a killer, but even more so when you think you might have to get out and walk the rest of the way (true story). We’re glad that we bought takeout for Shabbat the night before, because by the time we get home, ain’t nobody got time to cook. On the way, we swing in at my in-laws for our matzah ball soup and kugel (it’s tradition). We barely say hello and with one foot out the door, we take our goods and dash.

We get home, it’s 4:15. A chaotic routine ensues:

We’ve got 15 minutes to tidy/prep/ shower. We even turn on Jewish music to get in the groove but we’re stressed AF. I yell to Zvi –  Is the hot plate on? The fridge light off? He yells back, which lights do we want on?! And don’t forget the urn!  We make a great team, fast and efficient if I may say so myself. We decide that the dishes that aren’t done will have to sit in the dishwasher. Zvi  sets up the candles while I run to take a three-minute shower. I throw on a dress and a hat on my soaking wet hair. I’ve got thirty senconds left to light.  I turn off the music, the computer, my phone. I light the candles and then everything




Till next time!

–  Sarit, the Working Yid

P.s. If you’re wondering what the fuss is all about and why I leave work early on Fridays, check out the answer to question #2 of my Top Ten FAQs post


One thought on “Frantic Fridays

  1. Hahahahaha I just relived my working days when we were first married, brilliant prose Sarit. Love every word, I’m so proud of you, love you

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